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Depeche Mode The Wherehouse Tape 3/20/90

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    the Beast

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Промокассета, выданная фанатам, пришедшим на автографсессию в марте 1990 года.

Новостные сообщения, интервью, отрывки песен,.. дух времени!

Слушать можно здесь:

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Music is the only relationship I've repeatedly fucked up, that lets me still come home to her. ©

Время когда обрушится — Звёзды тебе достанутся.





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видео с этого мероприятия

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Ещё немножко инфы:





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Очуметь, какой истеричный визг от фанаток!.... Безумие и хаос! Я бы после такого ужаса тоже засела в "комнате с затененными окнами" надолго. Они же безумные, разоравть могли тогда запросто!
Но, черт возьми, у Дэйва такой голос в тот период, лет-ми-шоу-ю-зе-ворлд-ин-май-айз- что я понимаю этих выпрыгивающих из штанов фанаток...

Мда. Кто у нас крутое английское ухо? Как на счет транскрипта?
Может, кто в сеть выложит попозже из иностранных коллег..

Спасибо за информацию о раритете!))
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"Запомни, сынок: человек без мечты - овощ." (Берт Монро)____ If music be the food of love, play on. (W. Shakespeare)
We Sell Hell And Suffer Well

Джим, приедешь в столицу - тащи мафон, прослезимся )(с)Pumpkin

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Кто у нас крутое английское ухо? Как на счет транскрипта?

Нужное дело, да... Надо б заняться.

А на ютубе там переводчик есть - в панели ролика, "CC" буквы. Правда, гугловатый он (слабо сказано) :D

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Ну, а пока что ТАК - ютубный переводчик "в помощь" :D

Side A:

Side B:

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#7 g0dfather


    Старая гвардия

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    Мото, Баня

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Но, черт возьми, у Дэйва такой голос в тот период

Эх да..

Спасибо за подарок !
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#8 Corinne



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Ну, а пока что ТАК - ютубный переводчик "в помощь" :D

Side A:

Side B:

Он пишет, что титры отсутствуют.
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Вообщем, по директории "интерактивные субтитры" в панели youtube (вероятно, программа и английским "не блещет")) Русский "перевод" не стал постить - ибо бред )) Вообщем, и в ворде правописание подправить, и в гугле тоже можно, если смысла не потеряется, что тоже врядли:

Сторона 1:

tuesday march the twenty eighth nineteen ninety was michelly just an ordinary day
apartment being the first day of spring the only on the ice in a distinction was
the fact that the passion of the releasing their latest album violator
to kill inside without release the boys in the past decided to get together with
their record labels sarah creams
care ok within radio in los angeles anywhere has a record store across in
the beverly center in order to meet this man
that's when she was the march the twenty eighth nineteen
ceased being just another day itself a place in rock history
for fifteen thousand young people showed up last night
distinguished and the festival's over this promotion distorted peacefully
without either we're going to stand for the process seven l_a_p_d_ called and
almost one hundred opposition people usually
groups represent kelly city councilman ventura slice furious that he wants the
radio station and noted and appearance
but some agents c_n_n_ line the city once between twenty and thirty thousand
dollars for police sign paramedics around the scene and casa cleaner this
place was a mess when it was all over but we're getting a little instead of
ourselves right now
actually has released back in october nineteen eighty nine when taken on a
tradition of cold air refused to talk about finishing the mollen in london
quicker because i think we're good
about philadelphia fend off a couple of within a couple of that we are pretty
good before quickly
say federico cricket
critical about it because of the rectangle
bahut places you as well as to abolish the albums released after netting march
twentieth nineteen ninety five to the album coming at the passion of the lease
two singles the second with joint silence
the first with this issue the which we've had no less than five different
makes its would
hotel information
still felt pieces from the coverage of crazy field two thousand freedom from
religious because welcome his from new york
says that
developed it requires because i hope that you are out of what it was
delighted atwood is the first of all sales i think that's that's not
these days about his invention habitat for the government itself about time
that that's one of the party sad for the was the reason he was
medical director of the event of a very briefly having control of the original
united world
his mission
is with student signals enjoy the silence in personal jesus i refrain
scottie pippen cannot hope to hear and arrange for the position of the events
of the land as well as well as cross on the beverly center
hopes you bring definition or to the warehouse registered family lives and i
beverly center
warning iraq exclusive live broadcast has been delayed him his depression or
the invite her
with the announcement made
the excitement began to build councilmembers additional earlier in the
studio in any fletcher and how i'm gonna and that is that you guys in studio
uncovers the frightening anyone as a summary of the things we're doing the
essence of the things he has the
here in the area and i was there
mention though it may be my head
garcetti deliver on that on the cd islamists continued my ski field three
plans on behalf of chaos thank you very much agreeing to do that uses them a
little craze and interior ran into these guys last night downstairs and they said
they're going to stay as long
means they can finds him sitting there
for something
did spend the night their where we were at our sleeping bags thing that hasn't
happened indians those who died in a manufacturer of you've got a taste for
the fans listen now what they should have william or
okay okay well we can work on this on one thing telephones
not just on a whole from shifting snaps defense concrete accomplishment so i
think that is and just to keep movement through two thousand davidson
from everybody's in nobody's going to have a coconut nobody project we my
gossamer excitedly right now i think it was for a moment howard
fans came from all over the sample and sometimes even had of state
as the evening of march twentieth approach depeche mode became the top
story on the news traffic tonight has been congested roberto superpowers and
not because of the traffic accident for the group from england it took ten years
and twenty-two singles professional it is now complete
musical progressive technopark tonight at the end of the plane in person for
the frat party implicitly record stores has attracted thousands of fans waiting
for the music adults and then find out clapping if you are anywhere near the
beverly center today or tonight profits are a lot of people there it's also know
if you would reply
you probably wondering what's this about already
was that a group called intentionally
kristin's life
like this morning and recognize flew over africa
send humanitarian seeded clearances has inside the third
but it has taken place listener line radios concert on the signing with us
and this is on the open the door slammed into it
coming from the dependent considerations like it's not leaving him almost the
weekend of violence
p_t_a_s and school tonight and we have had
designed and installed places
artificial hasn't happened in some instances was like
for most of the major down an unbeatable
incredible with our entire assignment levels will ever get worse
replacing your leaders we called the bronze off
wasn't killed
recommends giving it his right hand discontent with having something to do
this morning
but that's a tough comparison really been able to get out of time
there is a we really have a security process where the hotel
every senator is having a housing in miami and
just noticed a retrial design as it stands on its own says his the
just a few minutes ago and arriving
accidentally sent
belly pgs disclaimer at the expected to emerge which means please workers are
under way to the beverly center
the band is called the passionate latest post-modern reserve retake the u_s_ by
storm tonight thousands of fans down the street surrounding the warehouse music
store which is about in the beverly center trying to get autographs
to try to thirty-first in hamilton montana cops twenty minutes arrived in
italy that that was then one person to say that japan's began to cry and she
was taken to local hospitals these fans are going to any links to get a peek at
their favors dot
when we come back
short with depression
and find out what happened inside rwanda
supplies to the world exclusive unreleased nutritional deficiency

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#10 dAvo



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У пользователей, чей уровень английского на уровне я прошу прощения за сей кретинизм, ибо, конечно же, это надо слушать, потому как ниже не приведено, где говорят фэны, а где участники группы, где голос за кадром что называется и т.п.

Сторона 2:

has signed the significantly less energy
analyzing live on the yes we have this is a warning comes in for the intended
solely sometimes run out
the informal and denies that he did so at this time
dot intensities
u_s_ that we have a series of the seven hundred
consistent with volkswagen has signed a consent order himself at the numbers of
people who can say
deficit with those golden
construed as an intensive that arkansas fat escrow
friendly area devils citrix systems inc terribly wrong
has stopped the clinton
claims that the after they saw anymore than that this summer
mostar there was
most of the violence is a
suicide in america he saw at the end of july
foreigners to the stand for the rehearsal memorandum assignment
as seattle this indicates the south into cells from personal
detrimental deadline they'll leave you signing and we got home
howard what is your favorite uncle another ten whatever that i'd like to
try to the favorite company
for me it's a
i think it was different
sentencing hahahahahaha
bill clinton
seventeen thousand five hundred people is
told the story
bastardized by the deal
do you find for those who don't
is that the politics of the things
so there's a few that there's a killer
health news nine thousand sovereignty to finance lease on whether the it was hard
to know the nine
insofar as having a family
praha one eighty two
abilities on the
thirteen fourteen
there are different flavors opinion will come out as well
here's a guy all the latest on wednesday but some people are constantly arrive
police were called out to be beverly center about an hour ago with thirty
four this is what i need to panic altitude who turned out for an autograph
session by clicking whispered depeche mode
the lines transfer fifteen city blocks one woman has been taken to a local
hospital after being crushed by fear
thanks so much animus is has been dispatched sixteenth we got the first of
all an important unanswered and this is primarily for the seventeen thousand
plus people who were all waiting in line has five nine oh one of the majority is
on passes out we've just heard through the police department
probably have to keep it belisle back on the license wholesome close it down
because of apologizes nelson difficulty fame and we have your solutions is
to try and keep no in the line of fries inflation concerns for divisions of
police outside considerably one st and i don't know who converted into a banana
andrea monge who don't want to show at this time they want to stay here safaris
yeah i mean you know hopefully divisions of places that it is as all of the place
runs out of his non-human there's many people depends on who's going to spend
the weekend
i'm going to talk to god we have begun riot police we are told have gathered at
the beverly center right now presents a screening rock fans are waiting to get
autographs from the british band depeche mode at one time we save people like you
to stretch fifteen blocks
some of the time sensitive dot printed just because of the rock stars the band
members of the warehouse worker for tonight we'll tell you all the wiley
it says that it has everything to him
is just an eight hundred and it's terrible
going on in the back of the senate anti-black
when added controlled
then ninety police are still there on the scene trying to clear the streets
your loss and their from hundreds of all the
and now we have to guard against those above us
and a m sorry apologize over under the police in send a stamped they say that
no arrests have been reported several ambulances though have been colds or in
some reports of that spans roses police have no word on any official interest
we have on the line and if i should forget that sometimes you dont it
rapidly lobster
pro-football arrive here at this time
every aggressively fight about a fifty-five
prepared for it
all that republicans for fraud
positive thoughts
briefly spoke
every forty five
competitive advantage because the people
that after a little bit better but that they're concerned about florida
because remember well but i think we have a couple of years where we can
everyday propaganda put out by the fifth
that if you could pick their favorite are talking about that
food and i think they have had a republican but i don't think looking
back at the event which turn out to be the biggest in-store record signing in
history more than three times bigger than david levy office tower records on
depeche mode attracted so much attention before across the country and indeed
around the world people wanted to talk to the bank
today is sunday not by saying depeche mode was not going to change is looking
for responses design policies
is madly please get weakness and that's what they are
you know that we care about what we did and we know that changes
there might be saved
stores where we also following his death
conservative in cincinnati kashmiri separatist and here for nothing about
if he didn't know where they were before
clients i represent sport with seventy j
he radio
house record stores and not only provided the location would also help
with the cleanup of the streets and contributed twenty five thousand dollars
to the city of los angeles
to pay for the police tactical units and paramedics were called to the event
especially thank you for the presence of that
hands who stood in line and waited for the past month
from boston
andy an alum
a special bonus
previously unreleased in american this instrumental mix of something to do it
depeche mode
hundreds of life

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